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Utah Jumps to Early Lead in Shootout With 13-5 Win in Four-Ball

Utah got off to a sizzling start with a 13-5 edge over Arizona in the opening four-ball segment of the 2011 Utah-Arizona Shootout at Victory Ranch this morning. Utah won five of the six matches with the teams Greg Wojtkun-Christian Jensen and Mike Branca-Scott Clark sweeping all three points possible. The bright light for Arizona was the team of Camron Howell-Trey Martin that topped Utah’s Steve Poulson-Kirk Siddens by 2 1/2 to 1/2. It has been ten years since Utah scored that many points in the Four-Ball segment.
The Foursomes (alternating shot) are being played this afternoon and the individual matches are set for Tuesday morning.
This is the 21st Annual Utah-Arizona Shootout and the series stands a 10 wins each. Utah hasn’t had the lead in the series for six years.
Utah – Julie McMullin/Annette Gaiotti (2 pts) def. Arizona – Lauren Todd/Echo Thatcher (1 pt) 1 upUtah -Bill Probst/Al Simkins (2.5 pts) def. Arizona – David Rasley/Steven Welker (.5 pt) 3 and 2Utah -Greg Wojtkun/Christian Jensen (3 pts) def. Arizona – Patrick Geare/Takuya Fuji (0) 4 and 3Utah -Jared Overton/Tommy Sharp (2 pts) def. Arizona – Tim Beth/Michael Wog (1) 3 and 2Utah -Mike Branca/Scott Clark (3 pts) def. Arizona – Grant Cesarek/Adam Walicki 2 and 1Arizona -Trey Martin/Camron Howell (2.5 pts) def. Utah – Steve Poulson/Kirk Siddens (.5 pt) 2 and 1
Utah 13Arizona 5