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Low Scores Highlight Qualifying Round for Utah Open

Although there were 46 qualifying spots available two over par was not good enough to advance to the Siegfried-Jensen Utah Open in the qualifying round played today at Glen Eagle Golf Club.
Five players shot seven under par 65 to share the low honors of the day. They were Devin Daniels, Alexander Theodore, Nick Latimer, James Drew, and Tim Glissmeyer.
The 54-hole Utah Open will be held this weekend at Oakridge Country Club.
The qualifiers were as follows:
65- Devin Daniels, Alexander Theodore, Nick Latimer, James Drew, Tim Glissmeyer.
66- Dusty Fielding, Blake Moore, Zenon Brown, Robert Fillmore
67- Christopher Peterson
68- Kurt Watkins, Devon Purser-a, Kelton Hirsch-a, Steele Dewald, McCoy Willey-a
69- Steve Jurgensen, Nate Page, Michael Henderson, Mason Casper-a, Chris Satterly, Brandon Bair
70- Chad Cocco, Stratton Schulz-a, Zach Baker, Cole Ogden-a
71- Phillip Kalivas-a, Jared Shears, Nate Stephenson, Tyler Aldridge, Stephen Lin-a
72- Ryan Ellis, Jonathan Ward-a, Andrew Streetfeild, Daniel Smith-a, Scott Lee-a, Joey Olson-a, John Owen-a, John Timmons-a, Patrick Fishburn-a, Andrew Carlin-a, Alex Sutton-a
73- Brady Stanger-a, Zach Culverwell-a, Christopher Shoop, Nathan Pearman, Andrew Duval, Nate Nyman-a, Mike Branca-a
Did Not Qualify
74- Brady Boman-a, Cameron Edens, Nick Carter, Derek Bekins-a, Gipper Finau, Darren Fletcher, Brock Rezac, Stephen Pughe, Ryan Brimley-a, Daniel Reid-a
75- Russ Madsen-a, Patricker Comerford, Tom Storey, Justin Howell, Josh Bitton-a, Ryan Blair,