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Utah Pros Defeat Amateurs in Governor’s Cup, 20 1/2 to 11 1/2

Once again the Utah’s PGA professionals avoided the occasional upset and defeated the Utah Golf Association amateurs in the annual Utah Governor’s Cup, 20 ½ to 11 ½, at Promontory Golf Club near Park City. Chris Moody, assistant pro at Riverside Country Club, capped the victory nicely for the pros when he sank a 3-iron shot on the 18th hole for a double eagle.
The amateurs occasionally pull an upset, which keeps the matches interesting, but by and large the professionals hold the upper hand going into the annual competition.
When the amateurs lose they generally refer to the pros as ‘UGA alums,’ since almost all of them played for the UGA before turning professional.
The teams consist of the point leaders in the UGA and PGA and include 12 at large players and four seniors.
The PGA seniors defeated the UGA seniors, 5-1, while in the at-large division the pros won by a 15 ½  to 10 ½ margin.
Five professionals swept all their points. They included Chris Moody, Dustin Volk, and seniors Jimmy Blair, Brad Stone, and Jeff Green.
Kyle Chappell was the only amateur to sweep all of his points.
In the individual segment Dan Horner, Cole Ogden, Kyle Chappell, Jared Overton, and Mike Hacker won matches for the amateurs while Cameron Edens eked out a tie.
In the foursome (alternating shot) segment the amateur teams of Stu Gold-Stratton Schulz, Kyle Chappell-Scott Clark, and Dan Horner-Tommy Sharp won matches, and in the four-ball segment Edens-Ogden and Chapell-Clark gained victories while Horner-Sharp and Overton-Jolley gained ties for the ams.
Governor’s Cup Results
Individual Results
Dan Horner, UGA, def. Mark Owen, PGA, 2 and 1
Tommy Chipman, PGA, def. Tommy Sharp, UGA, 3 and 2
Zach Johnson, PGA, def. Kirk Siddens, UGA, 3 and 2
Pete Stone, PGA, def. Josh White, UGA, 5 and 4
Cameron Edens, UGA, halved Joe Summerhays, PGA
Cole Ogden, UGA, def. Jared Barnes, PGA, 6 and 5
Kyle Chappell, UGA, def. Troy Watkins, PGA, 4 and 3
Todd Tanner, PGA, def. Scott Clark, UGA, 1-up
Jared Overton, UGA, def. Matt Baird, PGA, 3 and 1
Shawn Edwards, PGA, def. Jeff Jolley, UGA, 2 and 1
Chris Moody, PGA def. Stu Gold, UGA, 5 and 4
Dustin Volk, PGA, def. Stratton Schulz, UGA, 3 and 1
Brad Stone, PGA, def. Steve Borget, UGA, 4 and 3
Jeff Green, PGA, def. Todd Barker, UGA, 4 and 2
Jimmy Blair, PGA, def. Al Simkins, UGA, 2-up
Mike Hacker, UGA, def. Roy Christensen, PGA, 2 and 1
PGA 10 ½, UGA 5 ½
Four-Ball Results
Horner-Sharp, UGA, halved Owen-Chipman, PGA
Johnson-Stone, PGA, def. Siddens-White, UGA
Edens-Ogden, UGA, def. Summerhays-Barnes, PGA, 4 and 2
Chappell-Clark, UGA, def. Watkins-Tanner, PGA, 2 and 1
Overton-Jolley, UGA, halved Baird-Edwards, PGA
Moody-Volk, PGA, def. Gold-Schulz, UGA, 2-up
Stone-Green, PGA, def. Borget-Barker, UGA, 4 and 3
Blair-Christensen, PGA, def. Simkins-Hacker, UGA, 2 and 1
PGA 5, UGA 3
Moody-Volk, PGA, def. Siddens-White, UGA, 5 and 4
Baird-Edwards, PGA, def. Overton-Jolley, UGA, 4 and 3
Gold-Schulz, UGA, def. Johnson-Stone, PGA, 3 and 1
Chappell-Clark, UGA, def. Owen-Chipman, PGA, 3 and 1
Horner-Sharp, UGA, def. Summerhays-Barnes, 3 and 2
Watkins-Tanner, PGA, def. Edens-Ogden, UGA, 5 and 3
Stone-Green, PGA, def. Simkins-Hacker, UGA, 3 and 2
Blair-Christensen, PGA, def. Borget-Barker, UGA, 4 and 2
PGA 5, UGA 3