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Steve Poulson Becomes First Amateur to Win Utah Senior Open Title

Several times during a golf season an amateur will won an open tournament that includes many of the state’s top professionals. It’s not a rarity. But when it came to the Utah Senior Open it had become a rarity. In the seven year history of the event an amateur had never sniffed the overall title. Until this year a pro had won it every year by quite a substantial margin.
Steve Poulson broke the barrier Thursday at Toana Vista when he followed up his opening round 68 with another 68 for an eight under par total of 136, a full three shots ahead of Jimmy Blair, the low professional, who shot 69-70-139.
Stu Nelson, professional at Wasatch Mountain, finished third at 140.
Al Simkins was the second low amateur with 72-70-142, six shots behind Poulson. With him in fourth place overall were professionals Jeff Green of Stansbury and Kim Thompson of Willow Creek Country Club.
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Reid Goodliffe
Utah Senior Open
Toana Vista

136- Steve Poulson, 68-68
139- Jimmy Blair (p), 69-70
140- Stu Nelson (p), 70-70
142- Jeff Green (p), 72-70; Allen Simkins, 72-70; Kim Thompson (p), 69-73
143- Brad Stone (p), 71-72
144- Steve Borget, 73-71; Rick Groendyke, 72-72; Brent Marriott, 68-76
145- Dave DeSantis (p), 74-71; Ron Branca (p), 72-73; Brent Tidwell, 72-73
147- Rob Bachman, 69-78; Reid Goodliffe (p), 69-78
148- David Hall (p), 73-75; Roy Christensen (p), 73-75; Scott Brandt (p), 72-76; Bob Rudd (p), 75-73; Randy Long (p), 75-73; Kean Ridd (p), 72-76
149- Mike Borich (p), 79-70; Craig Gardner, 74-75; Kurt Bernhisel, 73-76; Rick Lloyd, 72-77; Bill Probst, 72-77; Karl Avant, 71-78
150- Todd Barker, 72-78; Wayne Volk, (p) 79-71; Quentin Sasser (p), 76-74;
152- John Miles, 73-79; John Evans (p), 72-80

153- Tom Rogers, 77-76; Pat Murphy, 76-77; Joey Bonsignore (p), 76-77; Ken Clark (p), 75-78



For complete list of scores go to UGA Tournaments, Utah Senior Open and then on the right column click results.