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GHIN Data Center Relocation - Services Unavailable

Utah golfers, Please hang onto your weekend golf scores!  Due to the GHIN Data Center being relocated at the USGA, some services in which we depend on will not be available until Monday Aug 8, 2011.  Most likley you will not be able to login to the site to post scores, renew memberships, or lookup handicaps.  We apologize for this issue, but the GHIN servers are offline.  Below is the press release from GHIN.. SCORES CAN STILL BE POSTED AT THE GOLF COURSE COMPUTERS, BUT WILL NOT BE ON YOUR RECORD UNTIL MONDAY.
Services Unavailable August 5-8, 2011
After nearly 20 years at its current location, the GHIN Service will be relocating back to the USGA® campus in Far Hills, N.J. during the month of August. The relocation is made possible because the footprint needed to house GHIN has greatly decreased in recent years as now only 70 of the over 12,400 clubs on the GHIN Service still receive reports centrally printed and shipped from the USGA.
Because of this move, most GHIN services will be unavailable starting Friday, August 5, 2011 at 5 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time and are anticipated to be back online by 8 a.m. (EDT) on Monday, August 8, 2011. During this time period, the final phase of relocating the GHIN data center will be concluded as the critical servers and data storage units are moved in conjunction with switching the routing of communications lines. This complex move has been in planning for over six months and is anticipated to take less time than is indicated above, but for the purposes of planning, all golfers, clubs and golf associations should plan on not having access to GHIN services via the Internet for this entire time period.
Services effected during the relocation are GHIN Handicap ProgramTM transmissions; score posting, course rating look-up and inquiry; golf association GHIN web service widgets;; TPP® inquiry, score posting and software updates; as well as all association level management services. The GHIN Handicap Program will continue to function, but scores will not be routed to or from each club until services are reestablished. The TPP OnlineTM “registration” will be unavailable during the period, but the TPP Online Admin, TPP Online Scoring and TPP Online Points will remain operational throughout.
As processes are being brought back online, some of the above services maybe available intermittently. Once all services are reestablished, this notice will be updated to indicate they are again available.