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Three Shoot 71s to Share El Monte Senior Title

Joe Kenny won the El Monte Senior Amateur in the 50-57 age division with a 71, but John Cottam and Doug Cottle also shot 71s to win the 58-64 age division. In the 65 and over division Roy Mikesell was the winner with a 74.
El Monte Senior Amateur
Age 50-57
71- Joe Kenny
72- Kevin Hogge
73- Danny Brown
76- Pat Torres
77- Kim Carpenter
78- Kenny Trace, Derek Shiraga, Mark Younker
79- Scott Heath, Rod Spendlove
83- Kevin Miller
98- Butch Zampedri
Low Net
61- Rod Spendlove, Kevin Hogge
Age 58-64
71- John Cottam, Doug Cottle
73- Dennis Conroy
76- Bruce Gladwell
77- Randy Chadwick
78- Jack Iacovelli
80- Steve Woldberg
81- Eddie Butterfield, Steve Gilgen, Carey Deachin
85- Merrill Turley
86- Rod Hastie, Paul Southwick
Low Net
62- Jack Iacovelli, Randy Chadwick
Age 65 and over
73- Roy Mikesell
75- Bob Watson
76- Bob Wood, Gale Anderson, Robert Peterson
77- Dave Christiansen
78- Tim Parker
79- Nick Cooley, Neal Hansen
86- Dave Luddington
89- Roger Wood
90- Brent Hancock, Russell Scott
Low Net
64- Tim Parker, Robert Peterson, Robert Watson