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Casino Open 4-Ball Attracts Strong Field, Low Scores

The professional teams of Kury Reynolds-Brett Wayment and Joe and Boyd Summerhays tied for first place in the Casino Open 4-Ball in Wendover this weekend by shooting 13 under par 131 for the two days.
In the senior division the team of Bob Lendzion and John Long easily won top honors with a score of 131, six ahead of Bob Rudd and Ron Branca.
Jake Holt and Greg Kerber won the amateur side, also with a score of 131.
Casino Open
129- Kury Reynolds-Brett Wayment, Joe Summerhays-Boyd Summerhays
131- Chris Gresh-Dustin Pimm
132- Henry White-Troy Watkins
133- Luke Swilor-Shawn Edwards
134- Pete Stone-Zach Johnson; Ryan Rhees-Tracy Zobell
136- Mike McRae-Corey Badger
138- Dusty Fielding-Kason Anderson
Senior Professionals
131- Bob Lendzion-John Long
137- Bob Rudd-Ron Branca
138- Kean Ridd-Roy Christensen
140- Mike Borich-Tom Storey
142- Reid Goodliffe-John Evans
131- Jake Holt-Greg Kerber
132- Brad Millard-Stu Gold
133- Connor Jones-Matt Brereton; Clay Bingham-Blair Bingham
134- Austin Green-Tommy Sharp
135- Nick Olsen-Phil Kalivas
136- Jeff Evans-Nic Booth, Christian Jensen-Kyle Chappell
141- John Comish-Mark Trevino
143- Herb Lyons-Adam Anderson
145- Ryan Goff-Greg Larson; Shawn Sessions-Bret Mack