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Drost, Cook Lead 28 Qualifiers at Bountiful Ridge State Am Qualifying Test

All of the 77s and better qualified for the Utah State Amateur at the qualifying round held at Bountiful Ridge Thursday. There were 28 who qualified and thus advance to the finals at Soldier Hollow in July.
Nick Drost and Curtis Cook were medalists with a three under par tally of 69.
Utah State Amateur
Qualifying at Bountiful Ridge
Qualifying Scores
69- Nick Drost, Curtis Cook
70- Andrew Cottle, Brad Millard
71- Jeremy Tye
72- Joe Webber
73- Marcus Burbank, Stephen Lindsey, Rob Bachman, Corey Ford
74- Matt Brereton, Kurt Owen, Eldon Richter
75- Bark Jong, Mike Behle, Brett Wilson, Kevin Owen
76- Nathan Burt, Troy Creer, Cade Rees
77- Zach Bachman, Riley Lowry, Steven Warnick, Brandt Kuehne, Jeff Dewaal, Adam Harris, Corey Slocum, Casey Murray
Did not qualify:
78- Jake Waldram, Matthew Isbell, Griffen Merrill, Rod Zundel, Jeff Jerman, Jeff Miller, Jon Wheeler, Hank Boomershine
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