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Justin Keiley, Devon Purser Earn Spots at USGA Public Links Championship

In heavy wind conditions at Talons Cove Golf Course Justin Keiley shot 69-79-148 to win medalist honors at the USGA Men’s Public Links Qualifying. Devon Purser and Adam Tebbs tied for the second spot with scores of 150, and Purser won the playoff for the spot. Tebbs becomes the first alternate.
Nick Drost and Bob Mitchell each finished at 153 and Drost won the playoff for the second alternate position.
There were many players who did not finish because of the windy conditions and the high scores that resulted.
USGA Public Links Qualifying
Talons Cove Golf Course
148- Justin Keiley, 69-79
150- Devon Purser, 74-76
150- Adam Tebbs, 74-76 (1st alternate)
153- Nick Drost, 77-76 (2nd alternate)
153- Bob Mitchell, 74-79
154- Davis Garner, 77-77, Jordan Rogers, 78-76
156- Austin Banz, 70-86; Andrew Barton, 77-79
158- Cole Ogden, 80-78; Mike Jurca, 77-81; Peyton Hastings, 78-80
160- Jacob Holt, 75-85
161- Jace Nielsen, 75-86; Paul Buchanan, 77-84; Stephen Lindsey III, 73-88
162- Johnathon Ward, 78-84; Seokwon Jeon, 76-86
163- James Fromm, 83-80
164- Andrew Carlin, 75-89; Charley Cline, 76-88
167- Alton Anderson, 80-87
168- Jason Lundberg, 79-89
175- Jeremy Walters, 85-90; Gary Knight, 86-89
182- Wesley Roosendall, 90-92
185- Kaimakani Ruiz, 90-95
189- John Howell, 91-98
NC or WD- Jeff Jolley, Jonathon Thomas, Philip Kalivas, Kurt Owen, Joey Olson, Scott Hailes, Taylor Haws, Marcus Burbank, Brandon Kida, Gregory Hunt, Rich Davis, Brennan Coburn, Jacob Morris, Kirk Siddens, Stewart Rutter