Alpine Seniors and Oakridge Super-Seniors Each Win Second Consecutive 8-Man Championships

By Megan Terry, Programs Administrator


For the second season in a row, Alpine Country Club Senior 8-Man took home the private league victory over Willow Creek Country Club. Hubbard Golf Course at Hill Air Force Base played host to the championship match on Thursday, September 7th, and the players enjoyed the privilege of watching the jets practice overhead as they competed for the overall win.

Alpine Team Captain Steve Smith and Steve Borget started the day off strong by bringing in 7.5 out of 9 points against Willow Creek’s Kim Thompson and Team Captain Mike Weiler. In the second match, Willow Creek teammates Rick Lloyd and Bill Pizza earned 7.5 points over Dan Parkinson and Brent Bryson to tie it up at 9 points. Craig Peacock and Rick Bodell of Alpine retook the lead for Alpine with 6 points versus Brian Rueckert and Warren Schroer, meaning Alpine only needed 3.5 more points to seal the deal. In the final match, Scott Anderson and Dave Kitches tried gaining the advantage for Willow Creek by scoring 5 of the 9 available points, but Phil Harker’s and Al Peterson’s 4 points were just enough to assist Alpine Country Club in winning its second consecutive senior championship, 19-17.

Alpine CC Seniors (L to R): Brent Bryson, Steve Smith, Al Peterson, Rick Bodell, Phil Harker, Dan Parkinson, Craig Peacock, Steve Borget (not pictured) 

The 2016 Super-Senior 4-Man champions, Oakridge Country Club, faced the regular-season champions, Hidden Valley Country Club, to try and defend their title. Oakridge’s Jon Memmott and Brent Tidwell reeled in 6 out of 9 points against Hidden Valley’s Doug Maclean and Steve Kramer. In the second and final match, Dean Cottle and Burke Maxfield helped Oakridge earn the back-to-back win with another 6 points over Hidden Valley Team Captain Bill Scott and Dick Walsh to win the match 12-6 and take home another victory.

Oakridge CC Super-Seniors (L to R): Dean Cottle, Burke Maxfield, Jon Memmott, Brent Tidwell

The UGA Private Team Play Leagues are under the direction of the Utah Golf Association (UGA). The Private League is open to all equity and junior dues paying members who are at least 21 years of age. The Senior League is open to those 55 and older. The Super-Senior League is open to those 65 and older.

                           Men's Private Senior  
  Alpine CC       Willow Creek CC  
2.5 Steve Smith   vs.   Kim Thompson 0.5
2 Steve Borget   vs.   Mike Weiler 1
3 Smith/Borget   vs.   Thompson/Weiler 0
0.5 Dan Parkinson   vs.   Rick Lloyd 2.5
0.5 Brent Bryson   vs.   Bill Pizza 2.5
0.5 Parkinson/Bryson   vs.   Lloyd/Pizza 2.5
1.5 Craig Peacock   vs.   Brian Rueckert 1.5
2.5 Rick Bodell   vs.   Warren Schroer 0.5
2 Peacock/Bodell   vs.   Rueckert/Schroer 1
1.5 Phil Harker   vs.   Scott Anderson 1.5
1 Al Peterson   vs.   Dave Kitches 2
1.5 Harker/Peterson   vs.   Anderson/Kitches 1.5
19     Total    



                         Men's Private Super Senior  
  Hidden Valley CC       Oakridge CC  
0.5 Doug Maclean   vs.   Jon Memmott 2.5
2 Steve Kramer   vs.   Brent Tidwell 1
0.5 Maclean/Kramer   vs.   Memmott/Tidwell 2.5
2.5 Bill Scott   vs.   Dean Cottle 0.5
0 Dick Walsh   vs.   Burke Maxfield 3
0.5 Scott/Walsh   vs.   Cottle/Maxfield 2.5
6     Total     12